Our vision at Swiftchix is to provide a safe and comfortable rideshare service for women. We see a need for women and our drivers to feel comfortable and secure when going to and from destinations. Can you imagine an environment free of stressing over a simple task such as getting to and from a social event? We here at Swiftchix are here to provide that environment. We want our passengers and drivers to feel at ease. We see Swiftchix as that comfort zone. While our primary focus is for the safety and security of women, we do not discriminate. We do allow, under certain circumstances, male passengers and drivers. In these instances, we give both the driver and passenger the comfortability of making a choice. However, the main focus of our business is to keep women feeling safe and secure. With the crimes being committed against women in today’s society, such as sex trafficking and physical abuse causing bodily harm, our main goal is to combat such dangers against our passengers and drivers. Our background checks are extensive, and we will not tolerate misconduct. Our main goal here at SwiftChix is safety and to make the driver and passenger feel secure.


is to transport women to and from their desired destinations in a comfortable, safe and secure environment. Our goal is to create a warm, non-threatening environment for women and teens that meets their transportation needs. Our motto is “for women by women”. Our concept is different than other rideshare companies because only women will be offered services and only women will serve as drivers. With women being vulnerable in automobiles as with strange men as either a passenger or driver, we look forward to making all of our customers feel as though they are riding with their sisters and girlfriends. Swiftchix goal is to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere. We are committed to ensure customer confidence and trust in the quality of our service and drivers.


The Driver App is a quick and easy process that allows drivers to register for possibly becoming a Driver for Swiftchix. If approved, Drivers have complete control of their Driver status and are given an opportunity to have total control of their revenue and drive time.


HOW TO USE Swiftchix

How does Swiftchix provide their services and what is the process?


Select the ride type that is most suitable for you. You will be given the rate, time and distance. You will be displayed the time, distance, and cost it takes to get to your destination


Swiftchix will provide you with a safe and comfortable riding experience.


The cost of your ride will automatically be deducted from your default stored credit/debit card. You also can give your driver a tip at the end.

Swiftchix STAFF


Founder and Executive Director of Operations for Swiftchix, a rideshare service "for women by women" that provides safety and comfort for passengers and drivers.


Q: Can women order a ride for a man?

No. The service is designed for women only and/or children under 18 years of age.

Q: How do I contact the driver?

Once the driver accepts the ride, you can call or text the driver from the app.

Q: Does Swiftchix offer the “Pool” service like other rideshare companies?

No. For the safety of our passengers and our drivers, we feel it is best to offer direct location services.

Q: What if my app is not working?

If the app is not working, you can simply remove the app from your phone, and download it again from the App Store or Google Play.

Q: Can anyone access my payment methods other than me?

No. Only the person registered with SwiftChix for ride services will have access to their stored payment methods.

Q: Can I ask a driver to wait?

Yes. You can ask a driver to wait, but it is to her discretion if she wants to wait or not. If she cannot wait, she can tell you to cancel the ride and request another Swiftchix. You may be charged a cancellation fee.